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Bezos Coin (BZSC) aims to be a Real Elite Coin of the Binance Smart Chain with a Maximum Supply of only 10 Million Tokens, a Simple Manual Burn System and a Strategic Holders Driven Buy-Back Program.

It is the Official Governance Token of the BezOS Project.

BezOS Project is composed by three different high innovative product features.

1- BezOS Multi-Chain Wallet: An anonymous and Unbannable Multi-Chain Wallet with Safe-Lock and Ghost Mode Functions.

2- BezOs Protocol: A Protocol built to guarantee safe data communications and transfers From and To BezOS Multi-Chain Wallet.

3- BezOs Security Layer-2: A Second Level Layer dedicated to ensure anonymous transactions From and To BezOS Multi-Chain Wallet.

Bezos Coin Use Case:

To use the BezOS Multi-Chain Wallet and have fully access to the BezOS Protocol & the BezOS Security Layer-2 you have to be a Bezos Coin (BZSC) Holder.



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We are an International Team of Software Developers, Blockchain Experts and FinTech Professionals united by a single purpose:

Leading the Financial Revolution for Crypto Investors!


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