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?Hey baby!?
Welcome to the world of erotic? and Yield Farming.

? Invite as many friends as you can, and earn FREE tokens

? Referral Systems Trio which gives your opportunity to get extra EROS ? tokens - 3% from EVERY transaction, 3% from harvest of farms and pools and 3% from presale. It works ? FOREVER

??? Burning and Auto Buy-back system integration

? System absolutely automatically collects fees and ? burns EROS ? tokens using that fees. 9% transaction fee - 3% for the referrals or sent to the Auto buy-back system, 3% for the Auto buy-back system 3% is used as a reward for bnb/busd producing farms


At this moment, there will be only presale 1, but in relation to certain conditions there could be second presale later.
After payment, you will get special presale EROS tokens, only after creation of liquidity will there be the possibility to swap them to the actual Eros tokens in the amount of 1 to 1. There is NO transaction fee on buying token through presale.
Important - do not create liquidity with presale tokens, do not try to buy them on the market, do not try to sell them on the market, you only need to swap them for Eros tokens. You could exchange your presale EROS tokens for EROS tokens only after end of presale.
Do not forget about our referral system, which gives you 3% amount of tokens through every purchase of referral, check out this page for more information.

More info

Erosswap - is a unique erotic defi project with its own NFT marketplace. In our project, you will find a fresh vision of a referral system, which allows you to get 3% from every transaction of your referral (and two other ways - check this page). We are launching original erotic NFT-marketplace. You will be able to create, sell and buy erotic NFT's from our marketplace (important - only erotic content is permitted, porno is not allowed).
The number of possible farmed Eros tokens is limited, in addition there are auto buy-back and anti-whale systems. Strong security features: migration code deleted, implemented time locks on liquidity and master chef smart contract, passed audits.

Is Presale



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