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Fes stands for (For Every Sun), which represents that we are striving to be a fair space for everyone around the globe. FesBNB’s tokenomics are built to give both the stakers and holders rewards.

Our contract rewards those who choose to stake with 7.5% per transaction (accumulated), and also rewards holders with 5% BNB.

We realize not everyone will want to stake, so this gives all investors fair rewards whether staking or just simply holding.


Buy 10%/Sell 15% :
- Staking Pools : 3.5%/5.25%
- BNB Reflections : 2.5%/3.75%
- BuyBack : 1%/1.5%
- Liquidity : 1%/1.5%
- Marketing Wallet : 1%/1.5%
- Development Wallet : 1%/1.5%

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LP Locked 90 days

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