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INFINITY TOKEN up 35x from launch

Truly awesome concept! Infinity Token is an ETH reflection token but with one huge unique benefit, Bitcoin mining. The $IT team will use the growth wallet to purchase BTC mining rigs and mined BTC will be used for tokens buybacks, sustaining price and trading volume which means MORE ETH reflections for holders! Check out the whitepaper on

✅ 5% ETH reflections
✅ 5?v tax for mining operations (used for buybacks)
✅ Doxxed devs!
✅ BTC mining to sustain token volume - more ETH reflections

This is an FTP (fair token project) launch! Claim ETH rewards @




5% Reflections
96% to Uniswap

Funds from transaction fees are used to purchase ASIC mining rigs. Profits from the rigs will be used for token sustainability (i.e. buybacks)
3% Growth Wallet

We strongly believe in everyone getting paid for their time. To incentivize hard work, we reserved 3% and locked it for 4 months.

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