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The $SYA DeFi experiment is a new type of deflationary currency applying autonomous yield and liquidity generation. The $SYA Protocol uses Tax, Reflection (Instant & Rewarded), LP Acquisition and Burn. The protocol automatically applies a 10% tax to each transaction that is distributed gasless as follows: - 2% Instant Boost (automatically made available to tokenholders) - 2% Community Boost (made available to token holders once community goals have been achieved) - 1% Charity - 2% Burn - 2% Liquidity Pool - 1% Marketing Wallet The $SYA team is building consumer-friendly products on allowing crypto investors to research, learn, understand and place orders for any token on Binance Smart Chain, starting with the $SYA token. SYA is founded by Lamine Cheloufi, Daniel van Dalen, and other humans. The team behind $SYA were the leading designers, product managers, and engineers and part of the founding team of N26. The team worked together since 2014 and has built N26 from



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