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Binance Smart Chain: 0xb1035523a844371c2877f8a3b2f2f8d337403b6f


THE WORLDS FIRST TOKEN COMBINING AN ALTRUISTIC DAO WITH SAFEMOON-TOKENOMICS. Meet SHIB’s handicapped bro SHIBBY. Don’t judge him by how he looks – he’s got a brilliant mind. SHIBBY has designed a world-changing token to reward our community for our goal of giving disabled dogs representation through our fully automated decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). No individual will have direct access to charity funds; instead the SHIBBY community will decide on proposals and criteria democratically. JOIN SHIBBY ON HIS MISSION TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR HANDICAPPED DOGS!


TOTAL SUPPLY DISTRIBUTION - 28.00% Presale, 45.80% burned (sent to dead address), 17.64% Locked Liquidity until 2042, 8.00% Team Funds locked up to 2 years, 0.56 % DXSALE Fees

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Deflationary Supply 2.5% of each transfer or trade is permanently burned, Liquidity Growth 2% of each transfer or trade is permanently added to liquidity, Charity Funds 1% of each transfer or trade is added to charity funds controlled by our DAO

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