Welcome to the Revolution of NFTs & Art Blockchain Fashion !! The Father Of All Meme Coins! Introducing The Troller is the first Entertainment NFT Marketplace Tournament style . Bringing Talented NFT Artists to compete in order to create the best NFTs for our Guests . Bridging between NFT Artists & Big Brands in order to create the Best NFTs for their products These NFTs will go through multiple competition voting rounds fully controlled by the Community and they will be auctioned in a unique Environmental 3D Museum. After we announce the Winners via VR Integrations this will allow unique user experience while visiting the Troller Museum. Moving on to the Revolutionary Ecommerce platform where we will be converting NFT Artists into Brands ; combining ART/BLOCKCHAIN/FASHION thanks to our amazing partnership with Lukso network. Our Marketplace will be the first of its kind selling ART Blockchain Authenticated physical goods . TOP 15 Social Media Influencers Joined the Troller Ambassadors with Millions of Followers! We have prepared the Biggest Marketing plan in History and we are not stopping till THE TROLLER is Trending Worldwide!



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Our Dream Team is made of Blockchain experts/NFT Artists/Growth Hackers/Marketing & Sales/Entertainment Enthusiasts/Art Directors/Creative Graphic Designers/Musicians.. We are all from different backgrounds our head office is in Dubai but most of the team is located in different parts of the world, most important thing is that we share the same goals and we will work together until we achieve them and get the Troller to the position he deserves which is the Number 1 spot in MEME coins category.


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