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Unstoppable Evolution: Gap Hoodie NFT x Tezos Released An NFT-based Fashion Brand

Gap Hoodie NFT

As a tribute to the Gap Hoodie NFT, the global fashion brand Gap released a collection of virtual garments. The most common item in the NFT collection costs 2 Tez (XTZ), while the rarest item costs 100 Tez.

In the eyes of the Gap, this is a celebration of innovators and doers. Customers and followers of the brand can now get their hands on one of the brand’s limited-editions, the Hoodie NFT’s collectible. 

Along with this, the Tezos blockchain was launched in January with a special digital experience from Gap and its fashion brand NFT. 

The Tezos blockchain was chosen by Gap to sell its Gap Hoodie NFT’s collection because of the company’s commitment to the environment. Because of its open-source nature, Tezos’s blockchain has a low carbon footprint and has operated in an impressively sustainable manner as they joined the impressive fashion brand NFT.

Fashion NFT

Due to its partnership with Tezos, Gap was able to run its fashion brand NFT’s designs on the Tezos blockchain due to its partnership with Tezos, which wished to help promote sustainability in its operations. When it comes to the energy efficiency of their blockchain, Tezos and Gap have continuously tried to achieve the same goal: making it more environmentally friendly through their gap hoodie NFT’s materials.

In a massive collection, The Gap featured both physical and digital art from this fashion brand NFT project. Only after purchasing two ‘Common’ NFTs will the hoodie be available under the Epic tier, where it can be purchased and worn.

Many clothing companies have already jumped on the NFT bandwagon, including Balmain, Macy’s, Nike, and Adidas. However, despite this, the Gap milestone only served as further evidence of society’s growing acceptance of NFTs and cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

How to Purchase Gap Hoodie NFT’s Collectibles

It is possible to buy the Gap hoodie NFT collection on their website. Each of the four levels of digital collectibles had its own distinct characteristics. Rare, Epic, and One-of-a-Kind are three of the four categories. ‘Common’ was the first to go on sale and was priced at 2 Tez, or about $8.30 at current exchange rates. More Gap Hoodie NFTs will be available in the next two weeks. 

For subscribers and investors, Epic will be available for 100 Tez on January 19th as a fashion brand NFT. The One of a Kind NFT will be auctioned off online starting on January 24th. 

This offer is only valid for a limited time as online fashion has never been more popular.